Watch Batteries Explained

Watch batteries are an important component of any timepiece. They power the quartz movement, and without them, a watch will not function properly. There are many different types of watch batteries that have been developed over the years in order to serve various purposes for specific watches or brands. We will go over some of these battery types in detail so you can make a more informed decision when purchasing a new set of watch batteries for your timepiece so make sure to read more about watch battery sizes explained in detail!

The first thing that we will go over is the most common type of watch battery, which is known as an LR44. This particular battery was created by Renata in 1972 and has since become one of the most popular types on the market.

Watch Battery Sizes Explained

An SR626SW battery or equivalent like this one here is actually a silver oxide cell that comes with some extra features to help it last longer than its alkaline counterpart; however these batteries are not commonly used for watches because they don’t supply enough power for quartz movements to function properly. They can be found in certain medical devices such as glucose monitors, pacemakers, etc., but you won’t see them used often when replacing watch batteries at home! In addition, if your watch needs a coin cell battery you can find a replacement here in this article.

Another type of battery that is commonly found in watches these days is the Silver Oxide cell, which comes in sizes like 377 and 39 batteries. This particular kind of watch battery has been used for many years because they are very cost-effective as well as efficient at keeping timepieces running smoothly with their long lasting power! For people who want to buy new silver oxide cells but don’t know what size fits best with their watch, we have an easy way for you to measure your coin cell right on our site by clicking here .